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Standard Pear Peeler

The Atlas Pacific Standard Pear Machine is the industry standard in mechanically peeling pears for commercial processing and can peel up to 66 fruit per minute. This machine allows efficient peeling, coring and slicing of pears with minimal skin removal to retain natural flavors and produce higher yields.

The Atlas Pacific Standard Pear Peeler removes the stem and blossom end, cores, seed cells and peels the fruit in simultaneous operations to preserve maximum flavor. With slight modifications, this machine can also peel kiwis, apples, mangos, and other fruits.


Technical Information

  • Capacity: 66 pears per minute

  • Drives: Main 1-1/2 hp (1.12 kw). Peeling 1/4 hp (0.37 kw). Pbo n/a 1 hp (0.75 kw).

  • Water requirement minimal

  • Air requirement: 1-1/3 cfm (0.04 cu.m/minute)

  • Weight: Without PBO: 3,000 lbs. (1364 kg). With PBO: 4,000 lbs. (1818 kg).

  • Export crated weight: : Without PBO: 3,500 lbs (1590 kg). With PBO: 4,500 lbs. (2045 kg)

  • Cubic measurement created: Without PBO: 291 cu.ft. (8.2 cu.m). With PBO: 376 cu.ft. (10.65 cu.m)

  • Diameter range: 1 3/4" to 3 1/4" (44.5 mm to 82.6 mm)


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We never forget our roots.

The Standard Pear Peeler is the founding product line of Atlas Pacific, and has been present for all 72 years, becoming the industry standard. Over the years, Atlas has worked to improve and customize the machine to maximize yield and product quality, leading to the innovative High-Speed Automatic Pear Peeler.

Technical Assistance

Along with service support, Atlas Pacific employs a dedicated team of service technicians, located around the world, ready to assist customers with machine inspections, off-season overhauls, seasonal start-up or troubleshooting.


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